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We invite you to check each of these 12 photos in which the spotlight was stolen. Some more obvious than others, they all exploit the weaknesses of our minds and eyes. We are naturally attracted of the unusual, of the beauty, or simply of the things which are out of …

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Nanotoxicology – nanoparticles definition

Nanotoxicology - nanoparticles

Nanotoxicology – nanoparticles Nanotoxicology – nanoparticles definition, nanotoxicology  is defined as the branch that is specialized in studying the adverse effect of nanoparticles on the life of living. Here we will talk about two things, firstly, about the definition of the nanoparticles and the characteristics, secondly, the toxicology itself. Nanoparticles …

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Environmental pollution and its adverse effect

Environmental pollution is defined as the adverse effect of chemical waste products on biological processes in animals and the effect on other livings. Pollutants are nowadays everywhere, in air, land and water. Their effect may be primary damaging on the living animals, this is a short term effect related with …

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